Dave and Candy are just the best!!!! We bought a pre-owned Mini-T (which we love) and over a year later I contacted them for help in replacing a part. Dave was so kind, encouraging, and helpful. I replaced the part successfully with his help. Every step of the buying process was clear and simple. Super great people and a very cool camper van!!! People stop to ask about it all the time.

P and B from Kentucky

I was totally impressed with the kindness, attentiveness, and professionalism displayed by Dave and Candy, from DLM DISTRIBUTION. They were in constant contact during the whole process of my purchase. I love my new campervan 😍. Even after the sale closes, they responded quickly to any questions I had. I highly recommend this company, for a smooth, and professional buying experience

Debra from Utah

Blessings, Dave and Candy! I am sending my sincere gratitude for all you did to make this campervan possible for me. Every detail is so well thought through. Everything about the van is perfect. I have been on the road for weeks and I am so comfortable. All my needs are met. This is a dream come true. Thank you.

Jodie from California

In 2021 I went on-line in search of a small, easy to drive, HOA approval RV. I found the DLM Distribution Campervan website. I was thrilled. I obsessed over the website for months. I called and got a pleasant voice answering all my questions....and there were many. It seemed too good to be true. To get my dream RV all I had to do was send money. I feared the worst. I worried about scams. So I did my research.....read the reviews, checked with Better Business Bureau, and even Googled the address to see the building in Minnesota.
I sent the money. I literally jumped up and down when it arrived. And my delight continues til today.
Candy and Dave have been a truly incredible support. Not just at point of sale. Whenever I have a question I can call or email. They are fantastic and I highly recommend them and their RVs.

Dawn from Florida

I love my Mini-T! It has also allowed me to camp safely and comfortably with new camping groups and friends. I notice all the "little things" that were included with my Mini-T every time I go out and appreciate them! (It's also a great way to meet new people, because everyone wants a tour when they see it at camp!)  


We absolutely love our campervan! Candy & Dave understand customer service! Candy picked us up at the MSP airport and drove us to Lake Crystal for van orientation. They were both patient with our questions, made some recommendations for dinner & camping and we headed off. The camper conversion is well thought out. The van is easy to drive and gets the advertised gas mileage. We bought this sight unseen and couldn’t be happier with the product & service! We had a great month wandering back to AZ, looking forward to many future road trips!

Linda from Arizona

This is a great place and Dave and Candy are great to work with.   I was a little nervous about dealing with someone from out of state but they handled all the paperwork in a very professional manner.   They were easy to work with and answered all my many questions.   The unit arrived on time as promised and my 2 hour phone walk through was great.
I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a campervan.

June from Arizona

I'm a happy owner of a Mini-T from DLM Distribution. Great camper, easy to drive and very well built. And a great company to deal with.

John from Minnesota

Hi, I am still happily traveling in my 2020 Ford Transit Connect Mini-t Camprvan that I purchased from you in March 0f 2020. I don't know who loves it more, me or my dog.

Caryn from Nebraska

The Mini-T conversion we bought at DLM is well designed and built with quality materials. Everything works great and we are very much enjoying it. Dave and Candy are a pleasure to work with. Buying a vehicle like this out of state, sight unseen was a highly successful and very pleasant experience. 

John and Judy

In January 2021, I purchased a 2020 Ford Transit Connect van with conversion from DLM-Distribution in MN. It is referred to as a "Mini-T" and I love this little van! So easy to drive, park and fits nicely in my standard two car garage saving me money on storage fees. It packs a big punch with a smaller footprint. I drove it all the way back to Georgia and it was very fun to drive! The modification looks very professionally done. The owners, Dave and Candy are awesome even picking me up from the Minneapolis airport! Cannot wait to take my first trip down to Key West, FL. Thanks Dave and Candy!


I purchased a maroon 2019 Ford Transit Connect MINI-T camper van from DLM- DISTRIBUTION in Lake Crystal, Minnesota, February 13, 2023. I am 75 yrs old and plan to travel full time (my goal) and use the vehicle as my primary one.
As I engaged the internet, overtime, Dlm-distribution would pop up frequently in my search. As it turned out, finding Dave and Candy, the owners, were a beginning and they became the feature to making my decision to: “pull the trigger” and make my purchase. DLM uses new and previously owned Ford Transit Connect models
And converts them into a two passenger, standard high quality
MINI-T Camper Vans. The goal and their vision are described on their Website under ABOUT US:
“……is to help you (the buyer) accomplish (building memories, fun and opportunities) through their well built, economical, and easy to drive
MINI-T Camper vans.
Within the Website writings include photos, factual information, and camping trip adventures…..one worth mentioning is an event to Alaska! The owners show their available inventory here and history of others; they encourage questions and phone calls about any topics relevant to the product they create. Their business successes in the MINI-T concept are a result of hard work, technical knowledge and keen craftsmanship to every detail. They write well as they drive Service and have a passion for it.
ABOVE ALL Dave and Candy deliver!  

Elliot from Georgia

Dave and Candy are wonderful and I am loving this thing. They have given me tremendous customer service and always follow through. Pride and integrity coming from the Midwest! You can have confidence working with DLM. They are the real deal.


Dave and Candy: We wanted to let you know how significant our Mini T has become to us. Bill's mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Nov last year. We have been going down nearly every weekend to help with her care. Thankfully we have the Mini T otherwise we would be paying a fortune in hotel bills each weekend.  We really appreciate what you do.  

Pam and Bill

Dave & Candy are wonderful. Bought my Mini T last September and had it shipped to me. The entire process was easy. No issues whatsoever. Once I had possession of the van they called and went over everything with me. A month later I took a fun trip thru 4 states including a lot of mountain driving. The van never flinched. Everything worked perfectly. So happy I went with this company. Great conversion van and outstanding customer support! Thank you guys!

LouAnn from New York

Bought a Mini-T from Dave and Candy recently. Best decision I've ever made. I'm from out of the area and they picked me up at the airport and were very friendly and professional. I've been looking for a small scale van camper made from a Ford Transit Connect or similar sized vehicle for awhile and just stumbled upon DLM in my searches. This thing is by far the best conversion of a Ford Transit Connect I've ever seen. It's like the Bat Mobile of Ford Transit Connects. The design is highly refined and very well thought through. It has all kinds of little features I didn't even realize I needed. I really can't think of anything else you could add to it that I would want. It's about as close to perfection as you're going to find.

Kevin from Virginia

Dave and Candy are fantastic!-they were readily available to answer all my questions. They were very thorough in orienting us to all the vans features. They are honest and forthright about their van and whether or not they think it’s a good fit for your needs. Even after purchase they are available if you have questions.
I wholeheartedly recommend them and their van!