July 12th, 2022

Do rising costs have you concerned about traveling?

The Mini-T Ford Transit Connect campervan by DLM Distribution can help you affordably enjoy your traveling, vacations or your daily commute. Some things to consider:

  •  1) Your Mini-T Campervan can become your only vehicle.
  •  2) No storage, tax, or maintenance on a second RV or camper.
  •  3) Gas mileage is 24-28 mpg.
  •  4) At just 16 feet long, it can be parked in any parking spot.
  •  5) The Mini-T height is just 80 inches, allowing you to park in any standard garage.
  •  6) Refrigerator allows you to carry soda/water and not pay the convenience store prices.
  •  7) Having a microwave and refrigerator with you always means no need to stop at restaurants.
  •  8) Maintenance is low cost and can be completed nationwide at any Ford dealership.
  •  9) Camp sites cost much less than hotels.
  •  10) A Mini-T is small enough you can park in a friend’s or family driveway for no-cost camping!
  •  11) Share camp sites.
  •  12) Secure, safe way to camp.
  •  13) Self-contained, allowing you to camp off grid.
  •  14) Freedom to travel anytime!

Above are just some of the advantages of owning a Mini-T Campervan. The Ford Transit Connect is a reliable vehicle that can become your daily driver and the camper conversion also allows you to travel economically without giving up any luxuries.

Happy Camping!


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