August 9th, 2023

Steps to Purchase a Mini-T Campervan from Out-of-State from DLM-Distribution:

Consultation: Connect with DLM-Distribution by phone to discuss your interest in a specific campervan. Our website provides comprehensive details, including features, specifications, pricing, images, and videos. Discuss any accessories that might interest you during this conversation.

Selection and Purchase: Once you've made your choice, a $500 deposit kickstarts the purchasing process and secures your selected campervan. If flying in, we request that you take delivery within two weeks of depositing. We'll arrange a pickup from Minneapolis/Saint Paul Airport (MSP) and bring you to our DLM-Distribution facility in Lake Crystal, MN. There, a two-hour orientation will help familiarize you with the campervan and assist in syncing your phone for the optimal use of Bluetooth, Wifi, and the Ford Pass App. All paperwork will be completed, and the remaining balance for your campervan must be paid at this point. (Please contact us for financing options. Financing is not done "in-house" or on the spot and must be pre-coordinated)

Delivery Options: For those unable to visit us, we offer both drive-in and shipping alternatives. The drive-in option may be suitable if you have a trade-in vehicle (needs to be pre-coordinated, as not all trades are accepted), or if you prefer a one-way rental car trip to our facility. This option is favored by those traveling with pets or those keen to start their camping adventure right from our facility.

Shipping Process: If you prefer your campervan to be shipped, we'll facilitate remote transactions, enabling you to complete necessary paperwork via mail. After finalizing the purchase, we'll organize delivery with a third-party car carrier. The delivery timeline can vary from one to several weeks based on carrier availability, your location, the season, weather, and road conditions. Please note that while shipping might be convenient, it might not always be the quickest or cheapest option.

Receipt of Vehicle: Your Campervan will arrive with a 31-day temporary tag, permitting you to start using it immediately. Upon delivery, please call DLM-Distribution to arrange a detailed two-hour telephone orientation, mirroring the experience you'd have at our MN facility.

Tax, Title, and License Fees: DLM-Distribution does not collect Tax/Title and License fees in MN for out-of-state customers. You will be responsible for these fees in your city/state/county of residence.

Contact Us: Should you have any questions or require further clarification, don't hesitate to call us. DLM-Distribution takes pride in our excellent phone accessibility; we aren't a 'press 1 to be ignored' company. We value human interaction and understand its importance in transactions. In our more than a decade-long operation, not a single customer has bought a campervan without a phone call. Rest assured, real people will always take your calls and respond to your messages at DLM-Distribution.

Happy Camping!

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