2022 Mini-T™ Campervan | Sedona Orange Class B Camper Van with Split rear door!

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Mileage: 224

2022 Transit Connect Camper Van RV. The Mini-T Campervan will fit in your garage when not in use, making this Mini Motorhome HOA Friendly!  Campervan gets great gas mileage, 24-28 MPG!

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Are you looking for an RV and a car but do not want the expense of both? Explore the features and benefits of a Mini T Campervan. Enjoy the comforts and safety of your own bed while traveling!

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Are you searching for a fully accessorized RV that is easy to park and can fit in a standard garage?

This fuel-efficient and spacious campervan is a mini motorhome with all the accessories you’d imagine in a well equipped RV: Solar, microwave, refrigerator, TV/DVD, foldable-portable toilet, sink, portable stove, powerfull electrical system to run your campervan on or off the grid. and more!

Hassle-Free Parking and Storage

It’s rare to see a motorhome parked in a garage. However, the Mini T Campervan makes the motorhome garageable, providing convenience and peace of mind to its owners. 

You can easily park the Mini T Campervan in a standard garage protecting your vehicle from the elements. This Mini T feature is a godsend for people living in HOAs and those who can’t park their campervans outside.

Your Motorhome Is Your Everyday Vehicle

One can’t even imagine going for groceries and other daily commutes in a motorhome. However, with the Mini T Campervan, you can use a motorhome for reasons besides recreational outings. Its space-efficient footprint, impressive fuel efficiency, easy driving, and full cabin features make the Mini-T  Camper Van better than any van on the road.

Comfort features of the Mini-T include: a TV/DVD with long range over the air antenna, awning, microwave, refrigerator, sink, under bed storage, couch/bed and a foldable portable toilet.  This micro camper is powered by solar, dual house batteries, 2000w off grid electrical power or hook up to shore power. This Transit Connect  Mini T Campervan is equipped with great safety features including navigation system, blind spot info system in the mirrors, front and rear sensing system, Apple Carplay/Android auto capable, large screen back up camera, auto headlamps, auto windshield wipers. 

Nationwide Camper Van shipping available, RV Financing options available:

Call DLM-Distribution for details 651-285-7089 or 507-382-9446

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